10 Weight Loss Mistakes (And How to Succeed)

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Today we’re talking about 10 weight loss mistakes, and how to actually succeed with losing weight. This has been a highly-requested video from you, so I was super excited to finally sit down and film it! For those of you who are trying to lose weight or even just maintain a healthy lifestyle, I hope these ten tips will help you stay on track.

Let me know in the comments below if I missed any important mistakes ❤️

2:14 – You Can’t Outrun Your Bad Diet
2:45 – You’re Only Doing Cardio
3:18 – You’re Not Drinking Enough Water
3:51 – You’re Not Eating Enough
4:27 – You’re Not Eating Breakfast
5:37 – You’re Drinking Empty Calories
6:25 – Your Portion Sizes
8:12 – You’re Eating Out A Lot
8:40 – You’re Focusing On A Quick Fix
10:09 – You’re Not Planning Ahead

– If you’re consuming unhealthy foods, you won’t see results — it doesn’t matter how much you’re working out
– Always remember the rule 80% diet, 20% exercise — exercise sustains weight loss, but a healthy diet is what drives it
– Cardio alone burns both fat and muscle, so if you want to see changes in your body you have to incorporate strength training as well — this also elevates your metabolism and helps with burning fat even when you’re not working out
– You need to drink water — it helps to boost your metabolism and helps your body get rid of waste
– When you don’t eat enough, your body starts holding onto everything because it’s scared it’s going to starve — you need to supply your body with the right about of calories and the right foods so you don’t sabotage your weight loss goals
– You don’t have to have a huge meal for breakfast — have something small like a smoothie or fruit and nuts to provide your body with the energy it needs
– Don’t drink empty calories — wine, soda, and sugar-packed juices are good on occasion, but opt for sparkling water instead when you can
– Learn what a proper portion size is so you’re not over-indulging — use the small plate or palm of the hand hack to help
– Avoid eating out a lot — you can’t control the amount of additives, sugars, sauces, etc. they are including in the food
– Don’t look for a quick fix — instead of adopting a trendy diet, focus on a healthy lifestyle
– If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail — grocery shop and meal plan ahead of time to ensure you’re on the right track for success



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